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Hey Everyone,

I have been a little out of touch recently… I travelled all the way to Florida with my family and have been readjusting and getting all of our things in place over here. It’s quite a culture shock for me as the food is dramatically different, people are different, cars are different, shops are different etc etc. Wow!!!


I lived in Florida before but I guess I was less demanding back then 😉 I love it here… the sea and tropical surrounding are a breath of fresh air BUT I find it lacks culture and traditions. Being born and raised in Rome it’s hard to find something like it anywhere else. I find Florida bland, the buildings don’t tell me anything, the whole place here is just a sea resort really!

I will probably have to travel a bit more around and get myself accustomed better. Maybe when you grow up your expectancy of beauty and culture is higher. I was just a teenager when I was here… Despite all of this, I am enjoying myself, I love the tropical setting and the floridian colours are just gorgeous. The sunsets here are magical. The moon is bigger, the view from my apartment is absolutely stunning. So all in all I am appreciating this trip!IMG_7834.JPG

The kids are loving it of course, swimming everyday and exploring new animals, including an abnormal amount of lizards, squirrels, snakes and pelicans!

Stay tuned for more news!


La Pixie Dust

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