Homemade Body Butter Recipe – With Coconut Oil


Hey Everyone,

I have been collecting a few organic, raw ingredients to make a coconut body butter. I have decided to call my homemade version, BODY BUDDA!

The Essential Ingredient – Raw, Organic Coconut Oil

My absolute favourite oil is from coconut. I have been using it for a year on my skin with amazing results. This oil has a myriad of uses and so It is the primary ingredient.

For this coconut body butter recipe make sure to purchase only organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. I used Coconoil® for mine, but other brands work just as well. This coconut oil is so pure that some people eat it daily to balance their metabolism and burn fat and even cook with it. You can read one of my favourite articles here on 101 uses for coconut oil by one of my favourite bloggers Wellness Mama.

This body butter recipe is antibacterial and even has mild sun screen properties. It is rich and very moisturising but not too greasy.

I have also occasionally used other oils, I tend to alternate to moisturise my skin with different natural elements. I am a big fan of extra virgin olive oil for my skin but I only apply it once every couple of months as it’s very rich and it stains clothes and bed sheets. Another butter I use every once in a while is shea butter. I really like it but I cannot stand the smell when it is on its own!

Recently I have also found a company which produces 100% pure argan oil and I love it! Pure argan oil smells very nutty and it’s not good for people with nut allergies in general. I use it on my hair, face and nails and it’s an excellent moisturiser.


  • Organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
  • Beeswax (you can get this in raw cube form as shown below)
  • Argan Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Lavender Oil

Natural body butter

Step 1

Depending how much butter you want to end up with, use different elements and measurements as you please. Some people may want more coconut oil, which thins the butter down. If you add more beeswax you will get a thicker, more buttery finish.

For my mixture I took about 100 grams of coconut oil, 100 grams of shea butter and 100 grams of beeswax with just 30 drops of argan oil. Put everything together in a stainless steel bowl (you can use a glass bowl as well).

coconut body butter

Step 2

Fill a pasta pot with about 2 inches (4cm) of water and put the bowl with the ingredients in the water. This process is called “bagnomaria” and is a method to warm up delicate contents without cooking them. Note: Beeswax is highly flammable and very sticky so BEE careful. (Lol)

Leave it warming up for about 5 minutes until all the elements melt together as seen below. Add about 15 drops of pure lavender oil to the mixture just to give it a a an awesome smell and a touch of freshness!

melted body butter

Step 3

When it’s all done, pour it in a glass jar and stick in the fridge for about an hour and that’s it, you are all done and it’s ready for use!

Finished Body butter

Little disclaimer: this is a super rich moisturiser. I advise not to put it on daily unless you have very dry skin. I personally don’t like using it on my face as it takes a while to absorb and have found that beeswax on the face is better for extremely dry skin or for use while sun bathing or skiing.

This recipe is truly a pampering butter and it will make your skin silky smooth without any chemicals or alien ingredients. You can use it also on your lips and fingernails. It’s a real treat 😉

Who needs expensive products when you can make BODY BUDDA!


La Pixie Dust

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