What should I eat for breakfast?

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Hey Everyone!

Am I the only one trying to figure out what to have for breakfast every morning? Honestly, it’s one of those things that’s hard to get. The more I read about it the more I get confused. My grandma used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so for years I used to force feed my self in the morning, eggs and the full english breakfast way! You know what I mean? Here is a pic of what I had for breakfast this morning!

Poached eggs, spinach, rice cakes and hollandaise sauce

Despite my occasional feasts I don’t actually eat that much for breakfast usually. Maybe a banana and a green tea … You might think … WHAT? No coffee? Yep .. no coffee!! I stopped some time ago as I was over intoxicating myself with it. I had the jitters on a daily basis. (6 espresso shots a day). I was addicted. You can actually detect it on some of my youtube videos .. I am hyperactive, running around like a crazy woman!

So I decided to cut coffee out for a while, but back on our main subjects here, breakfast is a myth in my opinion as it really depends on how you feel like that day. Your body is the best way to tell what it actually needs … apart from abnormal doughnuts cravings! Those are not normal and you should get them checked out 😉

In my experience sometimes I feel my body needs a detox and don’t actually feel hungry that much, so I might have a fruit or a carrot, apple and orange juice. Sometimes I just have a green tea and some other times I need heavy proteins, so I actually indulge in a full English breakfast: eggs, beans, mushrooms and a potato cake.

So in conclusion … follow what your body feels is right depending on the day. One thing I really cannot recommend enough is to cut both wheat and sugars out of your diet … forever! All overly processed wheats and sugars are toxic. This again is my experience. I lost so much weight and feel so much more energy since I have done that. Also, all the food I buy is from local farmers and it’s organic.

Being Italian and all is difficult not to want to eat pasta so I use spelt instead of wheat for my pasta dishes. Even my kids’ energy has greatly improved. Cannot recommend this enough. Do your research on this two elements, you’ll see what I am saying in terms of what happens in the body when you eat processed wheats and sugars.

Happy breakfast everyone!


La Pixie Dust

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