A day in London with Lucrezia


Hey Everyone,

If you follow me on youtube, you know I have a special friend with whom I share the same hometown .. Lucrezia!

Nadia and Lucrezia

She’s a youtuber and she specialises in teaching Italian online. Her channel is called Learn Italian with Lucrezia. If you are interested in learning Italian in a very easy and simple manner, check her channel out, she’s pretty good!

A little background …

I met Lucrezia on Youtube last year and we immediately struck a friendship. I thought I would do a blog post about her to demonstrate the power of the internet … I was reflecting on this as I was walking around Harrods with her last weekend. I mean … we wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for youtube!! What a powerful way of connecting people everywhere in the world, it still amazes me, truly.

Shortly after meeting her on youtube (last year) I went back to Rome for a long Easter holiday and we met up in person. I am sure she thought I was unreal for a second but as I pulled up with my car we finally saw each other through the glassed windows and I started waving at her, I could see she was relieved to see I actually existed .. and modestly much better looking than she was expecting!!! 😉

Side note: Please be careful of meeting up with random people you meet online. Bring a friend, your big brother or a machete with you … no jokes.

Back to the point, on that same day we shot a video together and you can see this here:

We had so much fun and that was the beginning of a real friendship! She came to London to visit this past weekend and we had a blast going around the mighty Harrods Knightsbridge in London! We shot some bits and pieces and a Vlog will be coming up soon! So stay tuned for more 😉 Once again, I am so glad we have the internet .. so many friendships and such cool people everywhere!


La Pixie Dust

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  1. Cherry
    February 10, 2015 at 3:13 am

    Te internet is truly amazing. I wouldn’t have discovered how great both of you are if it weren’t for YouTube.

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