Happy New Year Everyone … Let’s Have a Coffee Talk!


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year to you all 😉

In this year’s resolutions I have promised my self I would be more consistent on my blog, as you know I make youtube videos. If you haven’t watched any, you should!! I would also love to hear from my readers here, so leave a comment down below and we can chat about life and things 😉

What did you do on New Year’s Eve? I spent it with my English husband and a nice bottle of vintage champagne, it was absolutely quiet and wonderful. I don’t like going out anymore on this day .. especially here in England. Too many drunks and weirdos trying to snatch a kiss out of you… Instead we spent the night working out on new plans and goals for 2015 while sipping on a nice bottle of champagne.IMG_6623

One new plan for this year, apart from my amazing cooking videos, which will be coming out weekly on youtube is a new series which I call “Coffee Talk”. The first episode will air on youtube on the 9th of January. I thought I would start a new series where we chat about different things and mainly about Italian stuff. I don’t intend to make it just about Italian things but I would like to develop it into a fun little talk series with different guests and friends who come in and have a chat with me over a nice cup of espresso coffee. What do you think?

I personally enjoy talking a lot, as you might have noticed from my cooking videos, but I feel restricted on my weekly videos as I have to concentrate on the cooking … hence, the “Coffee Talk”! This specific show will be uncensored … so it’s probably for a more adult audience.

Anyway, let’s see how that goes! Time to leave now …. Speak soon 😉



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