Victoria’s Secret … my new favourite :)


Ciao Peeps,

I grew up in Italy and never knew of the existence of Victoria’s Secret over there. I believe a couple have popped up just recently but otherwise I had never heard of it until I came to the UK.

Just last week I went to the PINK by VS store here in the South of England and I loved it!! I spent way to much but it was so worth it. I just loved EVERYTHING. The layout, the staff, the colours and vast variety of underwear.

Victoria’s Secret just made another huge fan! I have always been fond of animal prints and finally I found a pair of legging with the perfect leopard print. The colours and material are of just right. I even got a matching backpack 🙂

Check out the maxi lips IPhone cover …. stunning in Neon. I just love everything about it.

Here’s the link to the VS PINK line:

Let me know if you are also a Victoria’s Secret Fan!


La Pixie in PINK

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