How to stay young while living life


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A few years ago I had my second child, Gabriel. I had put on quite a bit of weight during the pregnancy and after 6 months of having given birth I was not shedding any weight at all! I was also not particularly satisfied with my life in general and I was working within an environment that didn’t make me feel appreciated.

My relationship with my husband was ok. But underneath it all I was unhappy with myself.

Me and the family decided to move to the UK for a while. I was able to take a different viewpoint about my life once I had changed environment. I weeded out some old unnecessary friends, I changed my diet, I spent some quality time with my husband and became more spiritual. We stayed outside of London, in the country side, and that helped a lot. Having lived in Rome for the majority of my life tainted my personality, chaotic, frantic and nervousness was the order of my day!


After having spent a few months outside of it all I started to chill out. Kids were happy, husband more relaxed, we started eating better organic food from local farms and most importantly I had left behind a few negative people that had entered my day to day life while in Rome. Over a period of 6 months I went back to my ideal weight, I felt happy and looked way better! I made some new friends and life was good all around!

In conclusion, when life looks shitty have a look around and make some necessary changes, in my case the most remarkable change happened after I got rid of ungrateful and negative people. That alone brought a smile to my face. Of course you should also eat well and take good care of yourself and when possible eat some Italian food!!


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