Get ready for it ….. Italians can’t and wont hold back


Ciao Peeps!

Have you ever been to Italy? If you haven’t or are thinking of going soon I am going to be talking about the Italian male specie today.

Get ready for it …. and don’t be weirded out by it because italian girls are used to it. Basically, every single girl who looks a tiny bit decent will get approached by Italian males multiple times during the day. Weather you are wearing a skirt or not, they can’t hold themselves back. They will come after you. They are charming, they sound sexy and they look the part. Many tourists fall for it and never hear back from them 😉

Ladies!! Beware, the Italians are waiting for you. They are predators and they mostly take advantage of visitors, who are not accustomed by their charm and bewitching smiles … They might even say that they love you and can’t live without you!


I clearly remember listening in on one conversation amongst male italians friends … it is hilarious how self centred and cocky they feel about picking up “the foreigners”.

Of course there are exception …. But I have yet to come across one 🙂

You have been warned.

If you have had experiences with this, leave a comment down below!


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