How I keep my figure


Nadia Caterina MunnoCiao Peeps!

Happy day to the Irish community all over the world! Today I got asked for the hundredth time how I keep my figure … Since I have been doing all these video recipes on youtube of pasta dishes, some more caloric than others 🙂 First of all let me begin by saying that I don’t eat pasta everyday. I probably have pasta about 3 times a week. If I have pasta that day than I avoid eating any bread.

I have mostly cut bread and sugar off my diet. When I take coffee I don’t have any sugar with it etc. If you actually count how many grams of sugar you would have in a day with coffee or juices or sodas, you would probably reach 20/30 grams in a day. That’s ridiculous!

So as a general rule I don’t have any sugar, or bread or juices in my diet. This alone keeps me slim. I definitely have a desert every once in a while and I love ice cream. But I keep it to a minimum. This is basically it. Bread and sugar – banned.

In Italy we eat bread with everything and is usually at the dining table, wether you’re having a pasta dish or a meat dish. That’s how it is. I just decided to keep my pasta addiction but avoid any other carbs, this pretty much does it for me.

PS. I do indulge in homemade burgers ….. 😛 Maybe once a month

Love youuuu x

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